No Exam Term Life Insurance for Obese Clients!

obesity_Life_insuranceNo exam term life insurance can be purchased by clients who are obese. If you are afraid that medical underwriting may reveal new diseases and medical problems, you can skip any medical tests. No medical exam life insurance plans provide one-click temporary coverage and these policies can be purchased online.

What is obesity?

An insurance agency uses the Body Mass Index (BMI) to determine how fit you are. The value results from calculus between your height and weight. A normal BMI is considered between 26 and 28. If you have BMI higher than 30, you will be considered obese.

How does obesity affect life insurance?

Obesity increases life insurance prices. Someone who is obese has higher chances of developing fatal heart problems. Heart attacks are more common in obese people. Diabetes is also a major concern as clients who are obese are more likely to develop diabetes. Studies also show that obesity can reduce the lifespan by 6 to 10 years.

All of these health concerns will make an obese client a liability for an insurance agency. If an applicant is morbidly obese, he or she will not be able to qualify for no exam term life insurance.

Keep in mind that weight can become a problem during the application process if you are severely obese. If you are a little overweight, your life insurance rates will not be affected. However, if you are obese, expect higher prices.

How to find affordable life insurance?

There are no special plans designed for obese clients. You can choose to apply for a traditional policy that requires medical underwriting. No medical exam life insurance plans provide faster coverage, but they are more expensive.

If you want to find an affordable plan, you have two main options. Either you lose weight or you compare quotes. By comparing quotes, you can reduce life insurance costs by 40%. Our website can help you find the best rates online.