5 Tips for Finding Affordable No Medical Exam Life Insurance for Senior Citizens!

couple-MedicareIt does not matter that you are old- you can still get life insurance.  Below is a list with 5 tips for finding affordable no medical exam life insurance for seniors:

  • Talk with people of your age who are insured. It is highly likely to have relatives or friends of similar age who are protected by a life insurance policy. Ask them some details, like when they got it, how much they pay for premiums and if they are satisfied with provided benefits, including death benefit. Get as many answers as you can. This is like obtaining quotes from an insurance agent or a brokerage website.
  • Do not waste time. Life insurance policies do not get cheaper if you stand there and wait; au contraire, if you are old it is likely to pay more. Persons with a disease or not likely to have many years to live will always pay pricier premiums. In this case, time is not your ally.
  • Do some research for various insurance policies. Before applying for a policy, try to understand how it works and why it is so different from others. Some policies can be more affordable for seniors than the others.  All the info you gather should help you later decide and acquire adequate insurance quotes.  You should do some research for the following no exam policies:  graded death benefit, simplified issue and final expense life insurance.
  • Talk with a life insurance broker. Brokers are here to help you get the best prices for life insurance. But, in order to help you, they must understand the case and your financial possibilities. Do not forget that no-exam life insurance premiums tend to be expensive.
  • Get life insurance quotes. This should be your primary objective before applying for life insurance. No matter that you obtain quotes from friends, relatives, brokers or websites; you should always use them to compare prices.

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